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Website Maintenance


Website Maintenance Company in Delhi

Website maintenance is the process of checking and updated website performance on a regular interval of time. It also checks it’s analytical data for essential changes in product and services. It identifies the issues and blackness of the webpage and resolves it. It must be done regularly to increase traffic and google ranking.

Website maintenance is as essential as sales of the goods and services because Support helps to retain the customers for a long time as the customer gets an update about their services and offers regularly. Website maintenance improves the quality and health of the site, which finally turns into revenue.

There are specific steps which we follow for proper and effective website maintenance. The first step is not to take any temporary arrangement for any reason because it affects a lot after designing.

Make a checklist to perform
This is the basic to make a list and strategy what to check and time interval—pages,Plugins, Errors, SEO traffic, content accuracy etc.
Maintenance Circle
Regularity is the key to website maintenance. Graphics, images and contents should be check and updated according to the product; for example; we can't show 2019 data in 2020—review of SEO and meta titles to ensure their effectivity.
Updation of software and Technologies
A regular updation of software and updated technologies is the part of website Maintenence. It is all about that client's and company information maintain on the site.