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Domain Consulting


Domain consulting company in Gurgaon | Delhi

The Domain is the web address of your company, product, service, and online identity of your organization. This is the combination of your company name with an extension name such as .com, .net, .gov, and many more. Juniper provides all solutions regarding Domain as a Domain Consulting company in Gurgaon | Delhi NCR.

Every domain name has a unique identity, and it can’t be similar to any website address.”” We have to register and purchase our domain name with hosting companies. Every type of domain name and their consultation provided by Junipero as a Domain Consulting company in Gurgaon | Delhi NCR

A domain name is as much important as our company name. It should represent our company’s theme and product. Such as must serve and environmental type of business rather than a cooking site. We provide a definitive guide on how to buy a domain name and extension for your website with the help of our online researchers and digital marketers. Because of that, we are famous as the best Domain Consulting company in Gurgaon | Delhi NCR.

There are many types of Domain available in the market, such as: 

TLD- Top-level Domain

ccTLD- Country-code top-level domain

gTLD-Generic Top-level Domain 

We, as a Digital marketing company and Domain Consulting company in Gurgaon | Delhi NCR, helps you to choose the best domain name, which is suitable for your company. The company name domain is the most appropriate domain name with an extension of .com. But sometimes, if it is not available, then we must choose according to our product and company work. Like a footwear company may take as a domain name.

How can we help to choose the best and suitable domain name for your brand?

When shopping for a domain name, originality matters, as a unique web address will ensure your presence among the others.
The Domain from Registrars
:- Registrars are the service provider that allows users to buy a domain on the internet. Every registrar registering domain names by the ICANN to manage Domain name system(DNS).
Domain extension:-
Junipero gives all solutions if you are looking Domain Consulting company in Gurgaon | Delhi NCR. Not even domain name but Domain extension name also. We provide and prefer only .com extension for your domain name primarily for ecommerce websites.
Target your product:
This is the key to choose any domain. Product representation in your domain name could be beneficial in the ranking factor of Google.
Brand name & Keyword
Junipero always primly focus domain name according to your brand and organization. After your brand name, a keyword is also essential for domain selection—for example, Junipero (Brand name) and ITES(Keyword). A combination of both words drives a perfect domain for a website. If you are looking for a personal name website and promote as a brand in the future, this could be a great idea nowadays. For example
Short and Memorable
We help to find out the short and easy to memorable Domain, which must be quick and smooth to significant for clients and Branding.
Domain according to demographics
Extension name is the last word which reflects about your company..Com represent for commercial website and.Gov represent government website. Some extension serves their country code such as ".in" for India, "UK" for united kingdom.   With our experienced researcher, we help to find out the most suitable domain name for your company, brand, and products according to your company’s nature. Domain suggestion is the first step towards your online presence, and we make it into your ultimate identity.